The Fantoons Wiki has rules for the members of this wiki. Here is a list of rules you must follow in order to stay on this wiki.

  1. No vandalism, spamming, or personal attacks allowed.
  2. If you find any material by Chae Cook, ChrisandZane, or any other plagiarists which copied what we have on this wiki, please report it to us on our message boards or in the comments.
  3. Do not excessively attack, harass or impersonate any users in this wiki.
  4. Do not yelling at users, No bad grammer, screaming, saying stupid fagger magger, and delete pages without permission
  5. No spamming. Especially no Wikia contributors looking for a wiki to ruin or spam (this goes for Pingux2012). And absolutely NO. You Stupidella Bullcrap! Wikia contributors like Ninh Nguyen who are looking for someone to harass by flooding their talk pages with a bunch of pointless questions.
  6. Do not posting NSFW images, child pornography, disturbing blood and gore, shock images and videos
  7. Do not write about racist
  8. Do not write about drug and alcohol references.
  9. You can add only a cartoon character design (except the creatures), but don't do add inappropriate design (such as a Leatherface from the movie)
  10. You can do the cartoon and movie and games references.
  11. Do not write about sexual themes on comments, blog posts, etc.
  12. If you break the rules or behave inappropriately, then we will block you. If you do something very, VERY bad (i.e. vandalize too many pages), you may get a block for up to 20 years. In other words, you'll be blocked permanently.
  13. Have fun! :)
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